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“Rather than cover many topics, I prefer to uncover a few.”

This is a blog of mathematical problem solving, focusing on the quest to dig deeper into rich, interesting questions.  Along the way, though, I’ve learned that by uncovering a few, we’ll reach many other topics as well, and in a more interesting and engaging way than when they’re visited in isolation.

I’m Joshua Zucker, a freelance math teacher in the San Francisco/San Jose area.  I organize math festivals and teach at various math circles, focusing especially on circles for teachers, and also circles for students including San Francisco, Oakland/East Bay, San Jose, Berkeley, and Marin.  You can reach me at


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    • Posted 1 November 2011 at 4:59 pm
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    Congratulations on the new blog, Joshua. You probably knew when you chose WordPress that it supports LaTeX. Terence Tao’s blog has some links to some good tools for efficiently getting LaTeX into your posts.

    If you start a blogroll please add us in.

  1. What a treat – a blog by Joshua Zucker! Thanks for doing this – a lot of teachers and students will benefit

  2. Thanks for your comment on my post about rigid motions. In the Delphi version of the geometry program I had conic sections as well, with tangent operations and other stuff. I did this by figuring out a projective transformation method for turning a conic into the unit circle. All processing was done on this, and then it was transformed back. I was stupidly surprised when a routine to create an ellipse with centre and two points when the ellipse would suddenly turn into a hyperbola as the points were moved about. This is not in the javascript version, and needs further development, especially with my interest in projective geometry.

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